iPad Pro Best Buy or Apple Store?


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Mar 17, 2014
I am looking at upgrading to the new iPad Pro since it will come in handy for me for school and doing things that I just don't want to lug my alienware laptop around for. My question is do I buy from the following locations:

Best Buy: 18 months financing with Best Buy Credit Card, which I already have

Apple: Education pricing save about $60 on the iPad but do I get financing with Apple Barclays card? It says only within opening the card within 30 days. I have had the card for a few years so I am confused if I can still get the financing through them?


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Apr 7, 2012
Yeah, contact Barclays and see if they are running the no interest financing promotion currently for you.


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Sep 24, 2009
Barclays will grant you a new no interest financing period if you call and ask. I also in the past have gotten Citi (Best Buy credit card) to allow me 24 months no interest period by calling Citi and asking. BB can not help you with this. You must contact Citi.

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Apr 22, 2015
New Orleans
In your case whichever gives you longer no interest financing. At BBY we have 18 months on 479 right now. If barclay gives you 24 it’s a no brainer especially with the discount