Best Buy wont price match?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by quamsi, Sep 20, 2015.

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    So, yesterday I pre-ordered a 64 GB iPhone 6s Plus. I am to pay whenever I pick it up. Looking back on my paperwork I see that I was quoted at $899, which is $50 more then on Apple's website. Researching this, I see people saying that Best Buy will price match. So I called the Best Buy where I bought it and spoke to two different people who both say that Best Buy does not price match carrier phones, only prepaid. Is this true? And if not how do I get them to price match? Thanks!
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    I would, but the phone from Best Buy is essentially $200 off, as I signed up as a new Verizon customer. New Verizon bb customers receive a $200 bb gift card which you can apply to the price of the phone. But if they won't price match it is only $150 off.
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    Nov 18, 2013
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    Might have to use the and ship dorect to your mail or PO box buddy. Tough Gig, I feel your pain because my Aplle store is more than 50$ gas away.
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    call Best Buy RewardZone customer support. they will normally credit your account $50 RewardZone bucks if you can prove it. Otherwise, talk to the store manager if you have to. Their policy very clearly says they will price match anyone, so take a print out of the cost of the phone at $849 from Apple.

    I've had to argue in years past due to employees telling me they couldn't price match it. As soon as I quoted their policy to managers, they always make the adjustment no questions asked. Only reason I kept buying from Best Buy was for the 45 day return policy, but this year it's just not worth even walking in there and arguing with anyone.
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    I work as a Manager at Best Buy and can clear this up...

    We WILL price match Apple's outright pricing. We will NOT price match any contract prices from the carriers or any promotions from any company (I.e. Buy an iPhone from Apple Store and receive a $50 Gift Card)

    So according to policy you should indeed be able to price match the $50 if it's Apple's outright price

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