Best Buy's Failure to Restore iPad

Discussion in 'iPad' started by marvlaw, Mar 24, 2012.

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    About 2 months ago my sister purchased an iPad 2 from Best Buy. First, she wanted a 3G version and, without her consent, the clerk ran a credit check as if she were getting a cell phone. When I she told me about it I told her that wasn't right and that the advantage of the 3G service was that there is no contract and generally prepaid, therefore no need for a credit check. We contacted both Apple and Verizon and both responded that it was not required. She promptly returned it and bought one from Verizon. As this was her first iPad, and Apple product generally, she did not restore before taking it back.

    Last night, I started getting strange messages from her iMessage account. I knew it wasn't her, but I assumed that it was her husband playing a joke on me. This morning she called to tell me that it was neither her or her husband. About an hour later I started getting messages about a cautionary tale that Best Buy failed to restore and I was getting these messages from the person that subsequently purchased the iPad that she returned. They assured me that they would be clearing the iPad, but you can never be sure.

    Has this ever happened to anyone else? Also, are there any other steps that she should be taking to ensure that her account is no longer connected to the old iPad?

    Sorry for the long post, thanks in advance.
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    you can use i-cloud or find my iphone/ipad app and do a remote wipe/clear
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    i never ever trust anyone to wipe my device, i always do it myself.

    taking a xoom back for trade in today, already wiped it, bought an open box xoom from them last year and it still had all the customer's data on it.
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    I'm not sure I understand this part; she passed the credit check and got the iPad, but returned it on principle? Am I missing something here?
  7. iLukeJoseph macrumors 6502

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    I was thinking the same thing lol. Might as well kept the original.

    Not cool at all they ran a credit check without her permission. They can get into quite a bit of trouble for that. But then again, to run a credit check they had to get your sisters SSN. There wasn't a point in time where she thought that was odd?

    I would try a remote wipe JUST to be sure. Can never be to safe these days.
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    Sorry but the only fault belong to you or your sister.

    It is YOUR responsibility to erase the data before letting someone else like Best But touch it. I would be telling your sister to be changing her passwords or any infor that she might have left on this device.
  10. Holoshed macrumors regular

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    I can tell you the iPad I am using is an open box from best buy. They cut a hole in the bottom of the "factory wrap" to restore it before resell so I know they reloaded this one just in case. I did however buy a MacBook Pro open box a year ago and found out right before sell (I made them show me it's condition) that it would have been sold with a girls info on it. The login name on it was "Michelle."

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