Best car charger/AUX out/controller for iPhone?

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by apfhex, May 17, 2009.

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    I've been looking at devices like the Griffin AutoPilot (not the iTrip one) and Kensington LiquidAUX and trying to figure out what would be best for my 1st gen iPhone. It seems many of the products are not certified for iPhone use and trigger the "do you want to use airplane mode" message every time you plug them in, even the LiquidAUX which supposedly is made for the iPhone. This seems like it would get annoying pretty fast, although it COULD actually be useful if there was interference/buzzing from the phone normally. Reviews indicate there is little interference with these devices but I won't know until I try one.

    I'm mainly interested in them as a means to
    - control the iPhone, because it's too difficult to use the touch screen while driving and takes time to unlock the screen and whatnot.
    - plug into my stereo's AUX input using the dock connector, because it supposedly sounds a fair bit better than using the headphone port (I already have an adapter for that, doesn't sound any better than my Shuffle, noticeably worse than playing the same MP3s from a CD).
    - but seeing as I'd be listening to my music on my commute every day, I would then want to be able to charge it too — it runs down fast enough without using the iPod functions. :p

    So right now I'm leaning towards the Griffin AutoPilot as despite triggering the "not made for iphone" warning message, it's the cheapest, simplest, best-reviewed, and seems to provide some of the best audio quality. The 12V power socket in my car isn't in a terribly convenient spot (recessed at the very bottom left of the console) but it's as-within arms reach as the pocket below my aftermarket stereo where I keep my iPod Shuffle in my current setup. In fact I used to keep the Shuffle down there right next to it. So a remote would be nice, but only if it's going to work reliably and not fall off the wheel all the time. Not a terrible important feature to me. The Griffin TuneFlex AUX comes with a remote like the LiquidAUX but I'm not hot on the iPhone holder that would block access to just about everything on my console. Monster makes the iCarCharger 200 which looks like it has a convenient design with retractable cables but reviews say it has very poor audio quality.
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    Check out Belkin's Tunebase (Model #F8Z183) for the iPhone :).

    It's a cradle/holder, FM transmitter, AUX input, Charger.

    I have one in each of our family cars and I can say, after a year or so of use, they are extremely durable, reliable, and easy to use, not to mention extremely attractive.

    It also does-away with any frequencly interference from the phone since its made specifically for the iPhone. The AUX sound is crystal clear :D.

    I coincidentally tried the Kennsington Liquid/AUX too about 6 months ago and had to send it back due to the cradle breaking. It seemed cheaply assembled although it had a very attractive packaging :rolleyes:. I liked the idea of the included remote, but quickly found it unnecessary when you have the iPhone right in front of you anyway.

    Check out Amazon or eBay for some great deals on the Belkin Tunebase, around $70-80 is reasonable.

    Also, Check out iLounge . com for in depth review of all 3 cradle/AUX/chargers with pics and analysis :apple:.

    Good Luck.
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    Well, all the steering wheel remote solutions looked too flimsy and got pretty mixed reviews. I ended up with the Griffin Autopilot. I'm posting the review I submitted to Amazon in case anyone else is interested.

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    Hello everyone.
    I am looking for car chager of nokia N73 as i mainly on company tours.
    So can anyone here suggest me some website providing car charger at resonable rates?
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