Best Carry Case for a MacBook


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May 2, 2011
Hello everyone,

Looking to purchase a carry case for my white macbook. Who makes the best cases? Recommend the best case?

I'm looking at either a leather case like the PD Air book case if they do one for the macbook. Or I'm also looking at the G Form Extreme Sleeve. Anyone have a G Form? any good?

I would like a smart leather case any ideas?



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Oct 11, 2013
I just saw on craigslist this morning, someone is selling a used leather macbook case. Looked kind of cool, but expensive. Definitely would protect the unit from drops as the seams were thick.

I personally LOVE the incase cases they sell at the Apple store. It fits around the macbook like a glove, insulated from the elements, cushioned for protection from mild blows, looks futuristic. All for $30 I think.
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