Best case for MBA 11" not sleeve

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by tarsierspectral, Apr 23, 2011.

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    Saw the previous thread about this but most of recommendations were for a sleeve. I am looking for a case that will protect the computer while traveling. I don't want to add a lot of weight. I sort of liked but it doesn't have good reviews. Also liked this one but one reviewer stated that there is a big flaw in the design. You can only plug in the power cord one way so it blocks the USB port. So this case is out of question. Does anyone have any recommendations? I am not set on hard vs. soft case. The first one I mentioned was in between neither soft nor hard which I kind of liked.

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    I have a black iCarbon to protect it from scratches, But to travel with I use Waterfield sleeve and cargo bag I got the small cargo. I started with the plastic speek hardcase. It really did not fit right on the bottom, I had the clear and it showed scratches just from a finger nail rub. The back right tab also broke off from from me trying to get it to seat right. It was tossed after 3 weeks of use.
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    I have the speck satin see thru in black and think it's great. Has a really nice feel to it, and adds no extra bulk at all. I put it in a be.ez la robe allure sleeve when i'm travelling with it.
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    You've proved your ignorance in one sentence, nice! :rolleyes:
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    u mad?

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