Best case to protects iPhone 6 plus from shattering upon drops

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by Crvntscndy, Mar 4, 2015.

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    Hi all,

    Don't know if it's been asked before , and if it has I'm sorry!, but what case would y'all recommend me to buy since I seem to have dropped my previous iPhones alot. I've been looking into Otterbox but it seems way too bulky and I actually liked the lifeproof but question its reliability against drops. Any inputs are appreciated. Thanks!

    P.S the phone will never go underwater unless I accidently drop it and price is not an issue as I see it as an investment to keep my phone protected.
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    Tech21 cases have great drop protection in my experience, but don't specifically state a drop protection level except the new Tech21 Patriot, which is something crazy like 12 feet. Patriot owners might want to chime in here with opinions...I have yet to try a Patriot.

    Another case with great drop protection is the Thule Atmos X3. It promises 6.6 ft drop protection and seems to have been extensively tested by Thule for that. It doesn't come with a screen protector, but I've used it with a Zagg Glass screen protector and it seems great. How much protection I'm getting with the Zagg Glass is unknown, but I like the way it looks/feels anyway. Here's a review I did on the Thule Atmos X3 for the 6 Plus a while back:

    Good luck!!

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    Another case that is supposed to offer superior drop protection (as well as dust protection and water resistance) is the Griffin Survivor All-Terrain.

    I have one coming in the mail today, I plan on doing a mini review.

    It is rated for drop protection at around 7 feet. I watched a review where a guy dropped it a dozen times from about 7 feet high and the phone had zero damage underneath the case.

    It does add a considerable amount of bulk, which I actually prefer, I know it's weird.

    Several reviewers on YouTube rated the Griffin Survivor as being better than Otterbox defender.


    I'm excited to get mine. I love rugged/water-resistant/element proof cases. On my iPhone 5S last year, I had a Lifeproof and after a year the phone didnt even look used.

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