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Jun 3, 2014
Hey all.

I'm in need of a CD Slot iPhone 6+ holder because my iOttie2 XL up on the dash is causing high temp shutdowns while using Apple Maps... even with AC blowing full blast.

My thought was to stick the phone on a vent, but the vents are built around the "infotainment" screen. The phone would knock against my knuckles. Thus, the CD Slot is my only option.


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Jul 24, 2009
what a fantastic product concept, seems a bit bulky but for universal fit and 20$, sure why not.

alternative solution:
Most adhesive can be removed easily from anything with that 99c iso alcohol from the local grocery.


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May 16, 2011
Eau Claire, WI
Just want to add, I bought one of these and it worked great in one of my vehicles with an OEM cd player however, in my aftermarket cd player it was horrible. there is a gap between the cd player and the faceplate. Due to this there is not enough room (at least for my pioneer deck) to "lock in"

just something to take into consideration
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