Best checkbook app for multiple accounts?

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Sep 13, 2008
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Hi everyone!

I have been using Checkbook Pro by Splasm software on my Macs for years. It is great for easily managing multiple accounts and reports for each. I have been using my iPad more and more for everything and I realize this is the last daily-use app that keeps me so tied to my Mac. Splasm's forums are littered with people wanting an iOS version of CBP but their admins have just responded with unfulfilled promises of release dates for a couple years or more. Time to move on.

I have tried a few iPad checkbook apps but none of them seem to offer the ease of use I am looking for, overshadowed with too much eye candy and so many steps to enter a simple transaction. The big thing I am surprised to find is how many of these do not give you a way to run a report for each separate account, rather they want to batch your entire 'wealth' portrait which isn't very helpful to send to your accountant when you just need raw data. I typically have 6 checking accounts and a couple savings accounts to manage so I need something that can handle that.

Has anyone found a good app that can do what I'm looking for? Syncing between iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad would be nice and if it also has a Mac app it would be perfect.

Thank you!


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Oct 12, 2007
Preston, UK
I use Accounts Tracker ( there's a free trial and a paid app for more than one account.

Used this for years and the developer is pretty damn awesome too.

He's got a backup viewer on the Mac App Store too and is looking to release an Accounts Tracker that will work on OSX too.

Check it out.
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