iPad Pro Best Choice of accessories that compliment the iPad Pro 12.9. I am unsure and confused


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Dec 11, 2008

I purchased a 12.9 iPad Pro this week. Naked, I find the weight of the IPP not problematic. I tend to. Use it at home. Maybe I might take it out 10-15 times a year, so mobility outside the house is not an issue.

I purchased the Smart Keyboard. It adds a lot of extra weight The problem is I am not sure how much I will use the Keyboard. I could use it a LOT or very infrequently. Since I never used a keyboard with my previous iPads, I have no frame of reference for frequency of use.

Should I consider keeping it? Would I be better off taking it off and only putting it on when I want to use the ASK or should I keep it on all the time or should I also purchased a Smart Cover. And alternate between them?

Would a sleeve be a good idea? what about using it naked? I am reluctant to do that because of my vision and eye hand coordination. If I don't use a sleeve, how prone is the back to scratching badly?

For the few times that I take it out of the house, is it worth considering a good shoulder bag? What about a sleeve with a strap?

Before, I always had the standard size iPads or even the mini. I felt that given my vision, I would benefit from the larger iPad. I also think that split screen will also be3 easier and I suspect IOS 11 will have features that are better suited to the large iPad.

However, because of its size and weight, I am. Faced with rethinking my approach to accessories. I slap have the pencil, if that factors into suggestions.




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Jan 24, 2013
Do you have any other computers with a keyboard? I found I rarely used the smart keyboard, and liked the iPad 12.9 more as a (giant) tablet.

Despite the price, I really like the Apple sleeve. It's light weight and low profile, making it pretty easy to transport. I have that and the leather smart cover, which have been a pretty good combination.

I ended up buying:


Which is pretty nice to type on.

There's also this one, which looks somewhat similar to the apple keyboard, but is bluetooth:

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Mar 12, 2013
I bought my iPad Pro with the Smart Keyboard. I have since added the Smart Cover, a snap on rear shell and Apple Pencil. The ability to quickly change from tablet to "laptop" with the different covers is excellent for me.

I find for most situations I don't need the keyboard and would rather not carry around the extra weight/bulk. I also use my iPad in tandem with my MacBook Pro and find I rarely need the keyboard in that scenario.

However, if I am going on a trip or working out of the office I would take the iPad with keyboard. The 12.9" is actually very usable as a laptop replacement under most scenarios. I also find the Apple Pencil to be much more useful than I expected, especially as someone who is not particularly arty. I find it much nicer to navigate around by just moving your wrist rather than your whole arm when using a finger on that giant display.

The back is quite durable and doesn't scratch too easily. However, on such an expensive device that moves around frequently I am not prepared to go naked. A colleague recently had a screen replacement on his device to the tune of $900!!! (Australian) For me that's enough to carry around an extra 100 grams or so for the rear shell in case it ever gets dropped, plus it actually adds some grip by being glossy.

I must say I love the size of this device, I was all set on the new 10.5" until a killer deal came along for a 1st Gen 12.9". I find my partners Air 2 tiny now by comparison and certainly think the extra screen helps massively with productivity.


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Mar 12, 2013
Sorry, silicone. I despise the cost of iPad Pro accessories and paying an extra $40 for cow skin seemed over the top when I'm already paying $90 for a flap of plastic.


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Jun 16, 2012
I use Apple silicone Smart Cover, and on the go Logitech Keys To Go (featherlight, has function keys) and a very light plastic fold up stand that has an angle I like. I use a sturdy metal stand at home, and various Bluetooth keyboards. I don't like cases, never use them on iPads, I don't like the bulk they add. I don't like the ASK at all - so overpriced, no function keys and non-variable angle, and the keyboard is too close to the screen and you have to look down all the time, whereas I can raise my stands. ASK might be ok for people who don't type for long, but would be an ergonomic disaster for me.

I use the Apple Pencil mostly for notes.

So, the best accessories for you depends on your use of the iPad.
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Apr 9, 2010
Prescott Valley, AZ
I have found that with the 12.9 Pro, less is more. I have both the Apple Smart Keyboard and the Smart Cover and switch between them (smart cover at home, keyboard on the go). I only have a thin clear skin for the back to protect against scratches and improve the grip. As for the Pencil, I use the Moxiware magnetic sleeve for it. Makes transporting the Pencil much nicer. There is now another company selling them (FRTMA on Amazon)
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