Best choices for in-car iPhone GPS/Speakerphone mounting

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by MadMonkey, Aug 19, 2009.

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    Hello everyone! I recently purchased Navigon MobileNavigator (I was going to grab TomTom's new app, but price lured me away for now, as I'm sure it did for many) and wanted to ask a couple questions about it... and I guess this really isn't MobileNavigator specific. It's more general GPS/iPhone questions I guess.

    Here goes..

    The first thing I'd like to get your thoughts on is a good mounting device for the iPhone for use as a GPS (as well as a speakerphone for taking calls while driving). I heard TomTom is coming out with a unit that you can use to not only mount the device, but charge it and use as an "amplifier" for the volume as well. This sounds PERFECT for what I need, but I'm wondering if it's limited for use with the TomTom app only. Seems like it could be used for anything, but I'm curious about this.

    The second thing is volume-related. The Navigon app volume doesn't seem loud enough for me. My hearing isn't perfect I guess, but I can see this being a problem while on the highway for me. This kinda goes hand in hand with my question above... is there a unit I can not only use to mount the device for use as a GPS/speakerphone, but to also amplify the volume. This would be great for not only the GPS functionality, but for speakerphone as well.

    What would be PERFECT would be for it to use the car audio, but I know that's going to be far fetched. Sorry if this post is confusing at all LOL :D I just would love to hear everyones input on this!
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    1. Mount: Brodit power clip. The best in-car mount for any phone or GPS - tailored for your particular car and phone. Accept no substitutes.

    2. Audio. If your Car stereo has an aux in, it's easy - just run a cable from the iphone audio out to the aux socket on your stereo. If not, the next best solution is probably going to be a griffin iTrip or similar, which will broadcast your iPhone on a frequency that the stereo can tune in to. Sound quality isn't the best, but it's no worse than FM. The only snag is on long trips, you might find yourself having to re-tune it as you run into different broadcast frequencies from local stations.
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    TomTom said third-party applications will be able to use the mount as well if that helps you at all.

    I'm under the same issue, except I'm going to be running Trapster on my iPhone and a seperate GPS next to it. I need my phone to be much louder but my iPod Nano is in my glove compartment plugged into the rear of my Pioneer headunit for music.

    I've heard ProClip is great for mounting as well. I was thinking of doing that on one of my center airvents and drilling a hole inside and behind the airvent to feed a cable to charge the iPhone while running trapster (cord would be hardwired obviously)
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    This is what I have. The clip was from Fry's electronics, and it was a Universal GPS Holder, for $19.

    A suction cup mount so it would fit right there underneath the dash almost. $4

    The headphone adapter - $14

    The car charger $15

    So the total cost of a setup like mine would run you about $50-$60, but hey, I like my setup, and it works for me, especially for GPS and iPod control.
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    Iphone GPS Mount

    Check out this simple case idea and vehicle mount.

    Its a simple velcro concept that works really well and has no bulky profile

    Basically, its the fuzzy side of velcro that acts as a protective case for the phone, then it comes with the male side to put in the car or on the computer so the phone just sticks where you want it...

    It can also be used to mount the phone to the side of the computer for an easy sync and charging station....

    only $9.95

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