Best collaborative task manager, with email integration?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by blizeH, Jan 31, 2012.

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    Hi all,

    I'm looking for a really decent web app (iPhone/iPad integration would be a nice bonus) that will let my friend and I organise tasks and projects between us.

    Ideally it'd have...

    • Simple interface for projects
    • Sync with email in some way, for example like in Evernote you can forward an email and it'll save as a note
    • Tasks you can just check off when done, and it'll save the completed date
    • Comments on each task so we can work back and forth and see what we need to do next

    Are there any pieces of software that'll allow us to do this? Something free is preferable, but we don't mind paying if necessary

    Thank you!
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    Thanks both, I use Wunderlist and love it, but unsure if it's a little too basic almost, ie I couldn't forward one email and have it as a single task with a large note (with images etc) in the same way that Evernote works. Not the end of the world but if we're going to single out just one product as much stuff as possible would be cool :)

    Producteev looks really good, thank you - I'll check that out.

    Definitely won't rule out Wunderlist by the way, that and Evernote were the first things that sprung to mind for me
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    Why not free check out

    It is a great task managment item and you can control email notifications. You also get a notification every morning of all your task and the due dates.

    Also they have a great iPhone app, and a app for the Macs.

    I use it with a web designer in Iowa (i am in Colorado) and it works very well.
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    Best collaborative task manager with email integration


    Donedesk is a fantastic app by Priacta that meets most of your criteria. It is free and compatible with the 'Getting Things Done' approach. On the downside, mobile versions are as yet not available.

    Asana also meets most of your criteria. Its UI is less cluttered than DD and the app is free for teams of up to 30 users. You'll find more detail in my review at

    Other options are Producteev (which I find slower) and Nozbe (which is pricier). Both very respectable apps though.

    Happy exploring!


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