Best data connectivity options for my needs?

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    I'll be doing a lot of traveling, going on the road 2 to 3 weeks at a time. I was thinking that maybe I could just get a gigantic data plan and let my (tethered) mobile device do double duty as my home Internet connectivity, but as an online worker who requires stability and speed, that sounds like an unsatisfactory proposition. So now I'm leaning toward a modest-but-usable home Internet plan coupled with a modest-but-usable data plan (which I would use only when there's no free Wi-Fi in the area). Would love to spend less than $100 a month for whole thing.

    Currently using Verizon as my cell phone provider (still shopping for a smartphone), and the extensive coverage area offered by this provider makes me want to stay with them for traveling. Grande is my current home Internet provider. I'm used to maximum speeds of around 50-80 down/5-11 up, but may have to compromise a bit.

    Any recommendations that might fit the bill?
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    Move to France. Home optical fiber symmetric 1Gbps up/down + Unlimited international 4G mobile data for 39/month. :D

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