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May 22, 2010
Verizon's offer is to waive the $30 activation and give three months free, so a total of $60.

Nike is offering 14% cash back through coupon cabin, so also about $60 back.

Any other deals out there that I should look at?


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Jul 3, 2008
Just West of East
AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint also offer a similar deal that Verizon is offering. AT&T and Sprint are offering credits like Verizon for activation and 3 months of service. T-Mobile's offer is just free activation and 3 months of free servcie.

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Aug 2, 2011
Portland OR
Coupon cabin? Wish I’d known.

I did get 10% via topcashback purchasing mine from Nike online.

T-mobile did not charge an activation fee, and my plan says 90 days free.

So at least with T-Mobile, the plan pricing is not contingent on buying from them. I suspect the same is true with AT&T and Verizon.


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May 30, 2011
I haven't seen any deals with Apple Watch series 3. But you can get some discounts through credit card. For example, if you have a Chase credit card and use chase pay, you can get 10% off at Walmart and Bestbuy. Depending on your local sales tax, it might save you a little bit.
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