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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by shaunp0327, Jul 18, 2017.

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    Decided to finally upgrade my late 2011 MBP to the new ones. Looking for either the late 2016 or the new 2017 specifically the 15" with touchbar but I want to find the best deal out there considering these baby's cost so much. If anyone knows anywhere please post, thanks!
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    I am assuming you are not referring to the five finger discount :( so try Google for starters
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    assuming you are in the U.S

    if you are eligible to get student discount (or any of your friends do), buying directly form apple is usually pretty good. especially now they are throwing in free headphones.

    B&H has some pretty deep discounts on 2016 models. also no tax if you live outside of NJ/NY.

    another good place to check is:
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    If you have a Discover card, they're currently offering 5% cash back on most purchases made through Apple Online. I was on the fence about upgrading my mid-2012 rMBP to a 15" rMBP w/ TB but the 5% cash back was incentive enough for me to pull the trigger. I sold my mid-2012 rMBP for $850 and am getting $130 in cash back from Discover, so I was able to get my new rMBP w/ TB for about $1,600.

    As a bonus, if you don't have a Discover card, I imagine you can apply for one and still use the 5% offer if your starting credit limit is high enough to make the purchase, and they automatically double all cash back earned at the end of the first year. So if you were able to go that route, you could actually get 10% off after a year's time.

    Just make sure you read the fine print if you do this -- you have to use their link to access the Apple Online store and the purchase has to be made online, you can't make the purchase inside of a brick and mortar Apple Store. It also takes up to 10 weeks to get the full amount back.
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    This is great because I have a discover card! Thanks a lot!

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