Best Dual Hard Drive Setup To Date?

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by Chris Travels, Jun 26, 2014.

  1. Chris Travels, Jun 26, 2014
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    Chris Travels macrumors newbie

    Jun 26, 2014
    Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to read my thread. I am currently doing some research on installing a duel hard drive setup on my late 2011 MBP. I am currently running 2.4 Ghz, i5 over clocked with 16GB ram. I was looking into running a SSD (1TB?) for my adobe/editing programs and a large (largest I can find) HDD for my storage. The reason I am looking for a very large HDD is because I travel nearly full time and find myself storing a very large amount of content until I get time to sit down and edit.

    From my research samsung produces the best SSD and WD produces some decent HDD. Any thoughts or suggestions on these drives?

    I have also found that the tray that replaces my CD drive can be the cheaper prices tray as it works perfectly fine.

    Is there anything I should be concerned about with this year of MBP or relating to my current setup?

    I have a youtube channel that helps me pay for this so the $ really isn't a issue. I just want a very solid setup if I am going to commit.

    Thanks again for your time,

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    Having your hard drives duel, will just lead to premature failure and data loss.
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    I prefer to joust with my hard drives. ;)


    To make my post useful, I find that BOOTING off a Solid State and storing large files on a hard drive is best. My friend's MBP uses an SSD in the main HD slot and a 2TB HDD in the optical drive bay for storage. However, if you say money is not an issue, SSDs will outperform any spinner on the market.
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    haha, I am going to blame that on auto correct :)
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    Have you considered a fusion setup? It won't be quite as fast as a pure SSD, but it sure makes management easier since you don't need to segregate your programs/data/etc among multiple partitions - the OS will migrate data back and forth depending on your usage. Apple fusion setups generally pair a 128G SSD with a multi-terrabyte drive, though I've been running a 240G SSD + 1.5TB HD setup -- bigger the SSD, the more fast storage you'll have. 1 TB might be bigger than you need, though with todays prices it might make sense.

    You definitely want backups in that case though -- if either drive goes down in the fusion, the array is broken and I wouldn't plan on recovering data. So I'd suggest also a big-*** time machine drive.
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    I don't think he can put 4 SSD's in a MacBookPro (thread is probably in the wrong forum :)

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