Best DV camcorder for passthrough ?

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by bomadian, Mar 4, 2007.

  1. bomadian macrumors member

    Mar 4, 2007
    After being letdown by the performace of a dedicated analog to digital converter i'm now looking for a good dv camcorder that allows analog to digital passthrough from vcr to mac, ideally with s-video input. Basically, the dac-200 i have been using doesnt like poor quality video tapes and drops frames like nobodys business, plus the audio levels are far too quiet (my tubeyou videos are quieter than everyone elses !). I never had this problem when I used to use my old canon dv camcorder for the same process but that never had s-video input.

    Any cheap s-video capable ones out there ?
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    Nov 28, 2006
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    Possibly the best converter on the market for moving analog footage onto your Mac is the Canopus ADVC-300. What sets it apart form the others is it's built-in Time Base Corrector - an essential item in stabilizing the playback signal from analog footage. Even if you use a camcorder to convert the footage, it's advisable to add a TBC between the playback device and whatever you choose to use to convert the signal from analog to digital.

    As for the audio level issue; the only thing that would help boost (or otherwise control) the audio signal prior to digital conversion would be adding an audio mixer in-line between the playback device and the DV device.

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    Last Post With Link To Detail Of Canopus ADVC-300

    Good call. There's a link to the details up in your post quote now. ;)

    Posts without links are like love without sex. :)
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    >>Posts without links are like love without sex<<

    What about sex without love?

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    They are like marriage? :confused:

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