Best E/Air Print Printer?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by loon3y, Feb 26, 2013.

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    Oct 21, 2011
    Our company is about to roll out with our App.

    We will be providing customers on which devices to get, including printers.

    which is the best LASER E/Air Printer?

    i found this one from HP

    and this one from Brother (but it is too big)

    the brother one is a bit too large too travel with, but the HP does not have an LCD screen which would make it difficult for the customers to connect to a wi-fi as they will be traveling with it to shows.

    is there a better printer that can be a solution?

    laser is imperative as they will print atleast 500 orders, each order ranging from multiple pages
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    Sep 8, 2011
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    I have extensive experience with working mobile shows with POS and printing, although I used computers and not iOS for my terminals so AirPrint wasn't a consideration. Laser is definitely a must; particularly if there is a possibility of outdoor shows the extremes of temperature & humidity cause no end of problems with ink-jet printers.

    First off if your clients will have any sort of a "server" (PC or OS X) as part of the solution, there are software AirPrint emulators such as handyPrint, Printopia, etc. that will eliminate the need for native AirPrint support within the printer itself. This could even enable specific POS printers such as thermal receipt printers. However if you don't have the requirement for a server already, it wouldn't make sense to go this route.

    Brother's HL-5450DN is reasonably compact (14.6" x 15.1" x 9.6" and 23 pounds). I used Brother laser printers in my "mobile store" environment for years and had excellent luck with them. I particularly like the entirely internal cartridge paper feed, because it makes the printer more compact when configured for use - the paper is protected, so it won't be as affected by humidity or moisture, and it doesn't stick out the front where it can be bumped in a busy show environment. Not a lot of room required above the printer either, an important consideration when working out your POS cabinetry.

    HP's offerings such as the P1102w seems smaller when you look at the product dimensions (13.74 x 9.38 x 7.71) but it has an open paper feed that sticks out the front, and the actual operating dimensions are pretty close to the Brother (13.74 x 16.15 x 8.98). The open design is prone to interference & environmental issues in a sales booth environment, but it does make the printer a lot lighter - under 12 pounds - and allows for a much smaller broken-down size, which could be an issue if your clients are transporting their gear as airline luggage, for example.

    In a nutshell, for my old business (motorcycle shows, transporting rolling fixtures in a truck with the printer permanently installed) I would go with the Brother. If the shows are all indoor trade shows with no major weather/humidity issues, and the client wants to break down the equipment as small as possible to check on airlines or ship via UPS to shows, then the HP would be better.

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