Best External Display for a Macbook Air (mid 2013)?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by Rob587, Apr 9, 2016.

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    I Googled it, but I get lost in the discussions. I'm looking for a 24" or bigger, with the best specs for the money, and I wan't it to perform at the maximum supported resolution/specs of my Macbook Air. Any suggestions? Also, what adapter will I need?

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  2. gmintz09 macrumors member

    Mar 5, 2015
    I don't know if it is the "best," but I have a 2013 MBA (13'') and I use the Dell UltraSharp U2414H 24-Inch Screen LED Monitor and find it to be a very pleasant viewing experience and believe I found one of the best pictures for the price.

    It's worth a look. The cord that came with the monitor worked just fine with my MacBook, so I didn't need to buy any adapters or cords for it.
  3. LittleLuth macrumors member

    Oct 27, 2014
    Check your local Craigslist for an Apple Thunderbolt Display - it's not a good deal new but I recently picked one up like new in box for $500... Just a thought.
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    There is no best, buy whatever 1440p monitor that has a screen you like to look at its all subjective with screens.
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    Did you ever buy a monitor for your Macbook Air mid-2013? I have the exact same model as you, so I'm very interested in your decision.

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