Best external display for iMac Retina-like pic w/windows laptop?

Discussion in 'iMac' started by Turnpike, Feb 12, 2016.

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    *I post this here because while I'm looking for a Windows external monitor, it's people with a Retina iMac (I have the 27" one) that would know more exactly the look and feel of the picture I'm looking for from the monitor.

    I just got a Retina iMac, and next to it I have an older 32 inch 1080p TV/monitor thing I bought new for $300 about two years ago... I use it as an external monitor to plug in a top-end Alienware 17" laptop (I don't use it for gaming, just Photoshop, some film editing, and basic text and writing type things). What monitor could I get (since the Alienware has higher end graphics and power, etc) to get a display MOST like the crisp, glossy-ish look of the iMac? I know I wont match it exactly, but what option gives the MOST similar picture?
    The large 32" was always so nice I didn't notice the lack of definition, but now with the iMac beside it, the picture on my screen appears to be built out of Legos. I don't mind a smaller size, or an expensive option, I have absolutely NO knowlege as far as monitor specs, other than 760p vs 1080p and what HDMI is, so a brand or model number would be awesome. I would 1,000 times rather go by the opinion of people here than the random guy at Best Buy. :)
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    I'm getting some new displays for myself and my office. I have two Dell P2715Q displays on my desk (on arms) and there are several more in my office on my employees' desks, and there's a couple of the 24" displays around too. My recommendation on the Dell displays: PASS. They're generally pretty nice, especially with the proper cable, but some of the internals are older tech. And, I'm waiting for the iMac refresh to pop for a new 27" unit to put on an arm and match to another display that's already in my office. And, a new peripheral just released made this other display even more desirable given your iMac. Your iMac and most of our PCs are capable of 10-bit color, so take advantage of it.

    Here's my recommendation, and you'd be nuts to not consider it IMHO.
    Display: BenQ BL2711U

    DisplayPort 1.2-compatible cable (yes, this is important): Accell UltraAV® Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort 1.2 Cable

    DisplayPort 1.2 to HDMI 2.0 Active Adapter: Accell Adapter

    Any high-speed HDMI cable completes the connection between Mac and display.

    I have no ties to any of the entities above. I have my cables hidden in a small box and display arm, so it's not a mess - I need to entertain clients too and don't want them tripping over or staring at a spaghetti of cables!

    The display is fairly "future-proofed" in that DP 1.2 isn't going anywhere soon (it's in TB3) and it's got HDMI 2.0 built in (10-bit color!). This BenQ display kicks my P2715Q's butt, and my next employee is getting my Dells so I can get a BenQ to go with my iMac (it's good to be the boss!). The BenQ has come down $200 in price since October, but for $600 it's the best smaller display on the market right now - we have Eizo displays in my office, and the BenQ compares well and costs a heck of a lot less, plus the BenQ has the same 3-year warranty as the Dells on my desk.
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    Glad I was on the forums today. I've been looking at a good 4k to replace some aging 1080's and this one would have slipped right by me, it wasn't even on my radar. Until Now. Appreciate the info.

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