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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by bedrock22, Feb 22, 2008.

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    I've got 3 computers I'm selling off: a laptop, a PC workstation, and my old powermac g5. After selling these I'll have 3 HD's that'll need an external enclosure solution for when I upgrade to a new macbook pro.

    Can anyone recommend some solid, EXCELLENT enclosures for SATA and IDE drives. I think I'll have 1 IDE and 2 SATA drives that'll need enclosures. I may not even use the IDE drive anymore.

    My friend lives by Macally enclosures, and uses them exclusively. But when I go to newegg I just see heaps upon heaps of enclosures and I'm not sure which is more reputable than the next... hoping to get some advice from fellow mac laptop users.

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    The OWC enclosures are very, very nice, especially if you're doing your own RAID. That notwithstanding, for a single drive they are nice but rather pricey.

    I have used them as well as MacAlly, who makes some really nice USB & USB/FW enclosures for a lot less money.

    If it's something I'm just dragging around to back up or share files with, I would go with the MacAlly. If you want a nice looking enclosure that's cosmetically nice, go with the OWC.

    I have an OWC multiple drive enclosure for a RAID array on my iMac, and even though it looks like a miniature Mac Pro, it still fits in nicely. My MacAlly enclosures are sitting around on shelves and pulled off as they are needed.


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