best fitness tracker for iOS?


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Oct 26, 2017
Hi friends,

I have an iPhone SE at the moment (hope to replace it for an X in a week) and I tried an apple watch and I really like the fitness aspect (the ring thing). It motivates me to do something for me and that's definitly a good thing.
On the other side I love mechanical watches and I have some really nice ones here. So now I start wearing my mechanical watches again and wearing 2 watches is really kind of odd, that's why I look for a nice fitness tracker that I can wear with my mechanical watch (watch on the left, fitness tracker on the right). Some brand which has the same thing like the activity app from the apple watch would be amazing (closing the rings really motivated me).


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Oct 28, 2017
Does it have some motivationthing in the app like the ringthing on applewatch?
AW is the best fitness companion in my opinion.

Have you thought of wearing the AW with the face inside? Then it might look like your AW arm is just wearing a bracelet?? (and possibly getting the smaller 38mm)