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Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by shakeman0, Apr 24, 2010.

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    Jul 20, 2009
    What is your favorite folio case? Do you like the Apple case or the Incase book jacket? I noticed that the Incase had a strap to keep it closed. Does the Apple case have any thing like a magnet or strap to keep the case flap closed? Are there any other book like cases for the iPad?
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    Mar 29, 2008
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    In my world
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    Folio Choices: Depends What You Want

    I have been obsessing over this issue for far too long. I have the Apple Folio and think it's great, for what it is. I want a folio case that will carry a MIFI card and that has been a real dilemma. I recently orderd the MEdge Liesure Jacket ( because it allows use of the iPad while in the case, it also has a pocket on the back for my WiFi card and doesn't look too bulky. It does not have a stand and that is a problem. I tried to convince SENA Cases and Vaja Cases to make something like this, but no luck so far. I was waiting for the Happy Owl wallet deluxe, but recently learned it isn't leather, so that is an issue for the expense, and it doesn't have a stand.

    I rejected the CaseMate Convertible Jacket as a glorified Apple Case that is bulkier and not much different in functionality. I sent back the Newertech Folio because it was just too bulky.

    Simplism makes a nice case, but same problems as the others-no place for MiFI card.

    So, good luck in your search. But, it all depends on your personal needs. has a great summary of a fair number of cases on the market.
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    I'm also looking for a good folio case that I can keep a notepad in. I saw the one on hdacessories but am concerned about its quality. The sena one is freaking nice but $80 on a case is a bit steep.

    Anyone got any other suggestions?
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    Did you look at the Sensa case photo galleries with a keen eye?

    I love the look of the case, but is seems like you don't have access to any of the buttons on the side, or the top of the iPad!!!

    Picture #2/12 shows the entire right side covered in leather save the top right and bottom right corners. This means that you don't have access to the screen lock or volume controls.

    Picture #3/12 shows the iPad in landscape mode set up with the picture frame stand. Nice, but look at the leather covering the top of the iPad (the top is what you see since the iPad is flipped over into landscape - pay attention to the cards in the folio - this is clearly the top). Only part of the on/off button is available, and the headphone jack is under the leather.

    Additionally, the case shuts with a button snap. I'd rather have velcro or a belt strap, because I don't want to keep shutting the case by putting putting pressure on the iPad glass beneath to do the snap. If they need a button snap, it should be on the back, not the front.

    I hope this isn't the final design. I hope Sensa took into account the buttons / jacks on the iPad case. I was ready to pull the trigger on this one, as this beat out my previous #1 which was the Simplism case, but I think Simplism, even though it's bulky, is back to #1.

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