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    ★The simplest and most efficient reminder application --Easy Reminders
    ★ Featured in what's hot section of United Status, Japan, Netherlands, Ecuador productivity App Store.
    ★ Support English, Simple Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese.
    It is free, why not download it?!

    With so much to do, schedules to keep and appointments to make,we all need reminders to help us remember the things we have to do.
    This is smart To do list application, you can easy to add, edit, remove a to do, and set the reminder at the event date and time, that's all. You can backup or restore your reminders(Todos) easily.
    Repeat to do or task is supported.

    ☑ Local push notification, no need to have application running to be reminded, remind like calendar.
    ☑ Fastest way to set alert, time and date
    You can set alert time and date with exact time and date, and we also provide you a fastest way to set alert time and date, we provide you many default time you will be used.(Such as 30 minutes later, 1 hour later, tomorrow morning, 2 days later, one week later etc.)
    ☑ You will be alert at the time event comes even you didn't open this application.
    ☑ Passcode lock, protect your todos
    ☑ Backup and restore through Wi-Fi.☑ Reminder sounds are customized by you.
    ☑ Send your friends or employees an email with a reminder.
    ☑ Support repeat to do
    No birthday reminder application needed, No worry about every monday morning's conference… Just 3 three steps, all things is so easy.
    ☑ Select any amount of time prior to reminder, so you can prepare.
    ☑ Snooze function, makes sure no reminder is missed.

    FREE Download: Easy Reminder

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