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BEST free-to-play games in 2014.


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Apr 15, 2014
Do you have a list of your favorite free-to-play game that launched this year? Or any upcoming games? Let’s post it out here fellas.

a. Kingdom of Legend - A relatively new Global PvP game. Wide array of challenges everyday. Every second counts here. You lead your own army of troops to fight enemy kingdoms or defend against their attacks. Constant wars and battles. Who doesn’t want to be the king of his own army? I also get to talk with people around the world everyday. Get to learn a lot of things from them while I enjoy the game. My friends, this game is for you. Easy to play, almost all phones can handle this game. Good performance overall. Try it out!

b. Badland - A good puzzle and adventure game. Your character can split into more of yourself like clones, get bigger or smaller, fly and be a... blob. It is a cool game though. The surroundings and places were carefully made by the devs of this game. Badland can also surprise your with challenges.

c. Plague Inc - Want to be some kind of evil god and wipe out the humanity with various diseases and sickness? This game can somehow release your inner evil and will give your the powers to exterminate living creatures of the world. Do you have an enemy in your school or work? Wipe them out. Not just them, but also their families and friends.

d. GTA Vice City - You got that right. Your old school GTA is now available as a mobile game. Relive the good ol’ days and get your rocket launcher ready.

I pretty much summed up everything in my end. What’s yours?


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Oct 17, 2011
Don't all/most/some of these games cost something though (vs. "free-to-play")?
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