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    In gaming, it's all about 3D graphics acceleration for high FPS, so that you can play your FPS game without any choppy effects. There has been a lot of talk since the 8.7 Keynote on the Mac Pro, it's gaming capabilities as they relate to the graphics cards and whether the stock card is too weak and what aftermarket cards will or won't work. However, I have yet to see any discussion of the ultimate game. It seems so many people play it everyday. And the computer industry is winning. As new software comes out, you play the game of what is the best computer to play those games on. What video card to stick in there. Oooh, when this processor is out it will smoke this system and be the ultimate gaming system. Until... a new game comes out that demands an even faster hardware set. So besides the fact that you spend countless hours gaming, just as many are spent arguing over how to get the best gaming experience. But who wins the game of being addicted to gaming and the obsession with always having the best machine to do it on.

    When do you sleep?
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    wasted 5 seconds of my life reading this crap, 2 seconds of my life typing this crap, a split second to hit reply to boost your thread back to the top...

    the cost of this thread? priceless because it is pointless.

    As for when I sleep, I typically wake up at 4, start playing games at around 10 or so and stop around at 4 or 5 and goto bed at 8 or 9. Its great being jobless and being a bum at home :D. Maybe the last summer I could ever do this :(
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    LOL I was going to say the same but you do such a better job at it.

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