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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by iguess25, Mar 19, 2011.

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    I have a SONY HDR-CX110 camcorder AVCHD. It has USB/HDMI &VIDE OUT. I thought it had firewire like my old mini dv..

    Will the usb affect my quality or render my hd process?

    I bought the HD Sony to produce HD DVDS for sale. I thought it had firewire..

    IMOVIE Recognized it usb quickly. I thought firewire '' or firewire is a faster way to capture video '' was the way.. Im lost now.. Should I upload/capture the video another way besides USB for top hd-dvd quality video?

    suggestions .

    or use my memory duo pro to upload file ''mts''? if so what file to convert to from mts?
    what way for best top video?????
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    Nov 28, 2010
    No, as Firewire was able to transmit live video from a DV or HDV tape, which is now not necessary, as you don't use a tape, but a flash memory storage device, which stores FILES, and they don't care if they are sent via USB or Firewire. USB is just a tad slower, but the flash memory devices aren't fast either, unless you bought fast ones.
    Btw, "rendering" is the process of calculating applied effects to a video or calculating a 3D model/animation/scene.

    Firewire would be faster, but only by a bit. But since you don't copy a 1:1 realtime stream of video from tape, but copy over files, which don't need to be copied in realtime, as it would take much longer than it already does, USB will suffice.

    suggestions .

    Again, they are just files, and if iMovie recognises the camera without problems and you import the video as LARGE (don't have iMovie to test right now), don't bother with your flash memory card reader, as you need to transcode the .mts file into a .mov using the Apple Intermediate Codec (AIC) for video and uncompressed audio, something iMovie does automatically during the import.

    Btw, these are FW ports:
  3. alph45, Mar 20, 2011
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    1. USB won't effect quality. Tape has a minimum transfer rate, files on an SD card don't.
    2. Using a card reader via firewire 800 is significantly faster than usb from camera (it's not just about the usb, it's the camera).
    3. If your shooting HD, you should be using a fast card regardless (response to post above). If not, the camera can't write to the card fast enough.
    4. haven't used mts, but i'm assuming it's just a wrapper for H.264. Don't use imovie either, so i don't know what flavors it prefers. If this was FCP i would say convert to ProRez via Cinema Tools.

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