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Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by Colonel Badger, Jul 15, 2009.

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    I have my new shiny iPhone that I have connected currently to my car (Audi A4) using a cassette adapter and a cigarette charger. Right now I'm putting the iPhone in the arm rest but I'd really like a dock of some sort (vent clip or cigarette charger dock?) so that I can see and interact with it.

    Given that its also a phone as well as an iPod I'm going to need to receive and make calls on it when its in its dock. Questions;

    1. How do other people hook up their iPhone to their car?

    2. The Audi ipod adapter seems to put the ipod in the glove compartment which obviously won't work with an iPhone since i'll want to make calls what other solutions are available?

    3. I'm not necessarily too worried about the cassette adapter (the sound is pretty good), but I'd really like a dock that charges the iPhone. Is there a dock that

    a. Holds the iPhone where I can see it
    b. Charges it
    c. Provides a line out from the main ipod jack, instead of me using the headphone hack?

    4. How does the iPhone deal with calls when the ipod is playing? Is the sound muted from the headphone jack and I need to pick up the iPhone to my ear? Or does the phone call get routed through the head phone jack? If its the latter, how does the iPhone deal with feedback (the caller hearing themselves) when used handsfree?

    Thanks for your help and patience, i'm new to this.

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    here is how i have my ipod/iphone in my vehicle, i purchased a cheap home dock, that is quite heavy, so it will not slide around the centre console, i suppose it could be mounted if need be, but it has yet to move on me.

    The aux out is in the back of the dock, leaving the headphone jack free, and of course providing a cleaner look, while the cable is still visible, it suprisingly doesn't really bother me...cords usually drive me crazy :p

    If my vehicle had a usb port it would be perfect...but my vehicle model will not have it untill 2010, so no charging, and i still control the ipod/iphone with the built in controls, not the car stereo...however due to the mounting position, this is not a bother, as it is unobstructed and in plain view/reach.

    i know it is not the perfect solution for you, but i hope maybe it can give you some ideas and inspiration to mount your thinking outside the box, and not using a car specific mount, i think it turned out fairly well!

    *I know that is not an iphone in the pics, but i used it to take the photo...i use the dock either for the classic as pictured, or with my iphone, or ipod touch...all work great!


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    I am assuming you have the 2009 A4, which has the adapter in the glove compartment, which is bluetooth enabled and you can use the screen to make phone calls.

    So why not simply use the bluetooth function that is already built-in to your car?
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    Nope 2006.

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