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Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by Rhyno37, Jan 16, 2012.

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    I want a slimmer case that doesn't add a lot of bulk, and I want one that's of great quality. Feel free to make any suggestions, but here are my top picks in order so far, give me some input, and feel free to post pictures! (I'm not necessarily wanting a leather portfolio, but they had the best reviews of what I found) I originally wanted an XtremeMac sleeve, but cannot find one. I would actually prefer a sleeve so I can have a smart cover on it.

    #1 Yoobao

    #2 Evio Harmony

    I am also looking at getting the smart cover and a sleeve, but don't know which route is best. I have a smart cover at the moment, and do enjoy it quite well. I do not like the Belkin snap case for the back, as its cracking at the edges. What are some good sleeves? rooCase?
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    I bought the SNUGG and I'm completely satisfied with it, if that helps.
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    To be honest, most of the folio style cases annoy me, that whole thing of putting leather/pvc over most of the bezel, takes away from the feel and style of the device.

    I use a smart cover and a belkin snapshield case on the back.
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    There are so many cases out there it will make your head swim!

    You have picked out a group of cases that have somewhat different qualities, except that a lot of them seem to cover the bezel with leather. Some of them provide different support positions and others don't.

    The thinnest solution is the Apple smartcover with a zum cover or similar on the back. The zum, and one or two other aftermarket cases, have the possible advantage that once on the ipad they lock the smartcover in place so it won't accidentally come off. There are some one piece aftermarket covers that are very similar to this, IOW they provide a thin shell back and a cover on the front. Some of the front covers do the tri-fold like the Apple smart cover and provide support positions that way, others will fold once and attach somehow to the back to provide 2 different support positions that way.

    Some of the cases that are talked about the most on these forums are the khomo, yoobao, chinao and maroo. You can search for those and see what you think. It seems that each case has a thread devoted to it, and there are also a couple of larger threads that discuss cases in general or have photos of different cases. Others that might be worthy are the evio, stm skinny, and marware microshell.

    I personally narrowed it down to a group of 3 or 4 cases, and picked the maroo because it had the features I wanted plus it has superior protection of the ipad. I was willing to live with additional thickness and so forth but in reality it doesn't add all that much thickness. The only time I could see it mattering is if you want to put the ipad into a thin briefcase with lots of other papers.

    I have found discussion on many different cases regarding questionable long term durability. A lot of these cases are under $50, maybe under $30, and you get artificial leather and so forth at this price point. There are better cases out there, for twice the price, just depends on how much you want to spend. I was hesitant to spend a lot because it seems like it is also common for a person to buy one case, not like it, buy another case, etc.
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    I'M using one from You can google it. According to your requirements I think the one that I use (Kolossa) will answer all our needs. I highly recommend. Hope that helps.

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