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Apr 12, 2009
New Jersey
Lately I've been scanning many old family photos and uploading them to my iCloud photo album. I also have many photos in my album that were sent to me by email or text that are missing metadata. It would be nice if I could enter a date and location for these. Also would be great if I could add a caption to some of them, but that is less necessary than the date and location. Is there a simple app that would allow me to edit metadata of photos that are already in my iClould photo album?


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Mar 31, 2017
Nobody has any suggestions?
They're too busy debating the merits of whether an iPad can replace a laptop in the other forums! :p

To be honest, it might be easier to create a script on your computer to add particular details to photos than manually adding in the metadata on the iPad but I guess that would depend on the amount of photos to be modified etc. Hope it turns out OK mate.
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