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Discussion in 'iPad' started by no.1 Apple Fan, Aug 10, 2012.

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    Hello all!

    I am probably going to be getting an iPad for school this year and I am looking for a great note taking app. Obviously there are TONS of threads like this one on the internet, but none suited what I am looking for.

    I want an app that is mostly intended for typing, with the ability to draw in addition. Most note taking apps available just focus on stylus writing with a minor amount of typing. It would be great if it was flexible for math, with the ability to edit equations, draw shapes, etc... Good organization is also important (multiple notebooks with subsections). Also when the app is updated it is VERY important that there aren't any errors transferring data. I have read on the reviews on some apps that when you update they don't transfer data correctly :eek:. Pages is not what I am looking for because of the lack of organization features and math features.

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    Ok, I am not in school at the moment (probably starting grad school next year) but I use Evernote extensively in meetings.

    I use at conferences to take notes at the different presentations because you can attach photos (snap photos of slides or graphs) and I use it take notes in meetings to cut down on how much paper I have to keep up with.

    I use it to make my daily to-do list at work as well as keep up with my long-term to-do list and to make daily notes...
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    For typing only, probably evernote. It syncs really well across multiple platforms. However, you are limited in that you can only type.

    My recommendation would be good notes. Its simple, typing is good, but you can also draw. I have tried almost every notes app around and thats what I settled on. Notes plus is also decent after its recent update, but i prefer the simplicity of good notes. Before the update it was laggy and slow- much better now.

    Also as a side note, I also study Math at college. I would highly recommend a stylus. Typing math is just slow and frustrating. I often import a pdf and add notes in where required. You can also just insert a blank page inbetween two pages to write additional examples or notes (typed or written)

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