Best iPad sim-only deals UK?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by Rookie1986, Aug 26, 2011.

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    Hey Guys,

    I got my new iPad 2 32GB 3G in Black ^_^ & was just wanting to know what were the better deals around when it comes to a sim-only deal for my iPad. I'm not a heavy user by any means but would need around the 250mb+ per month just to make sure I'm covered. I live in the Durham/Wynyard area and on my T-Mobile contract I have 3G coverage all of the time.

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    3 offer 1gb for £7.50 a month. Or you can buy a several gb sim for about £10.
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    Jul 13, 2011
    You would be best off looking at the provider websites and making sure you get good coverage in your area, once you have found the best coverage for you then decide which is the best deal out of the providers you looked at.

    Some parts of the UK have poor- absolutely shocking reception for networks such as 3 and T-Mobile although T-Mobile isn't so bad now it piggy backs on Orange. Since you already have T-Mobile I'd stick with something you know works too.

    That's what I'd do anyway, after all what's the point in a data plan with no signal?
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    If you looking for a cheap sim only deal then look no further.

    T-Mobile have been doing a micro sim payg deal for iphone 4 where you top up with £10 and you get 12 months of free data (capped at 500mb).

    You only pay the £10 once and you actually keep that as pay as you go credit.
    The trick is not to let them know its for an ipad. You just put it in your ipad call them up from a landline or something and ask them to activate your free 12 months data for free. I have been using it since the iPad 2 launch and had no problems.

    If you order online then you pay an extra £5 for delivery but if you buy in store then you only get charged the £10 top up.

    for more discussions on this check out a thread from a popular UK site
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    The '12 months' of the T-Mobile deal is rather theoretical given the low 500Mb limit, which will typically be used within a month.

    The best deal may depend on whether or not you live in a major city. In London, I went for O2 because it gives 1Mb of 3G data plus unlimited wifi on both BTopenzone and The Cloud, all for £10.21/month. The other deals I looked at either had no wifi or only one of the two main networks.

    With unlimited wifi on both networks, you have coverage in pretty much any coffee shop, etc, so your 3G coverage is only needed on trains, in parks, etc.
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    You can get a number of iPad sim only deals in UK offered by various network service providers at low tariff plans along with various profitable gifts and offers.

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