Best iPhone 5 Window Mount?

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    Feb 23, 2014
    Hey there, I'm looking around to find out the best window mount for the iPhone 5 that is very stable and sturdy. I am going to be using my iPhone 5 as a dash cam, so I want something that's very sturdy so it won't shake the phone at all while driving. I've heard about those ones that charge the phone too while in the window mount, but not sure where to look for those. Any tips at all would be nice.

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    I have the just mobile mount and find it excellent, I have it attached to the centre console using the sticky mount. It hasn't dropped off even in high temps and doesn't vibrate or move whilst driving.

    Also here are some others:

    For charging mounts, i have used the Brodits in the past. Excellent quality and work extremely well.
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