Best iTunes Organizer / Cleaner?

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    Hello Everyone,

    I am in the need of organizing / cleaning my iTunes library. I have a very large library and somehow after installing my new hard drive, I ended up duplicating many songs and albums. I tried using the iTunes "show duplicate" but it is far too time consuming. I did a little research and came up with this list of programs. I would appreciate any input and perhaps this can be a guide to others.

    I did also find a script source that will help but I don't know how to install scrips and honestly, I don't trust myself installing scripts but here it is:

    In alphabetical order, prices in USD:

    1. Dupe Away $13.00

    2. Duplicate File Cleaner $9.99
    Apple App Store

    3. Duplicate Finder $Free
    Apple App Store

    4. Dupin Lite 2 $7.99
    Apple App Store

    5. iCleanup $12.95

    6. iLove Songs Cleaner $4.99
    Apple App Store

    7. Media Monkey $24.95

    8. Music Cleanup for Mac $39.95

    9. Song Genie $29.99

    10. Song Sergeant $20.00

    11. Tidy My Music for Mac $39.00

    12. Tune Sweeper $19.99

    13. Tune Up $39.96

    14. Tunes Cleaner $19.99
    Apple App Store
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    An easier way would be to switch to list view, show the Date Added/Modified, and then have it sort from newest to oldest. All the duplicates would have the newer date information I would think.

    Doug's AppleScripts are very good and are updated regularly.
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    or just click the show duplicate item button in itunes
  4. dan.synergy macrumors member


    Oct 9, 2014

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