Best lap-based input mouse/keyboard solution?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by bluegrass527, Nov 11, 2012.

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    Jul 28, 2012

    I often like to use the computer while leaning away from the desk with my legs crossed (i.e. one leg bent, rotated, and put on top of the other). This puts the desk out of comfortable reach and so I'm looking for a good keyboard-mouse combination that will allow me to control the computer from my lap.

    One solution I was considering is enclosures that attach the Apple compact keyboard and the Magic Trackpad. Here are a few I am looking at:

    MeshWe Bluefin
    Grifiti Slim Combo 17
    BulletTrain Adapter (expensive)
    aTrackt Go! (expensive)
    NuPad Organizer & Wrist Rest (looks especially interesting, and the price is great. Anyone used one?)

    These look good, but I'm concerned about accidentally using the trackpad while I'm typing, as well as moving the setup without accidentally making an input. Also, does anyone know where I could try any of these solutions out in the New York area?

    Incidentally, I think it would be best to have the mousing device in the middle of the keyboard so that you can mouse without moving your hands from the keyboard. Of course, there is no split Apple keyboard so the above solutions wouldn't work.

    That leads me to be interested in something like this. I really like the Trackpoint, since it's unobtrusive and I usually only need to mouse occasionally. But it's not wireless and it may not work with Mac.

    Ideally, I'd like something a little longer so that it can be supported by my legs on either side. It would also have to work with OS X.

    I'd be interested in any experiences that people have with solutions to control the computer away from the desk with lap-based solutions. Do you use something that you would recommend? I'm especially interested if anyone has any ideas on good setups to control the computer with one's legs crossed. Thanks!
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    Interesting thread (you forgot the Clique by the way).
    I have to say I forgot about all solutions because well, it's enough to pay for expensive apple plastics, to buy any of those things (the MagicWand I think might be the first one to appear on the market?). I wouldn't waste more than 10 bucks on something that basically connects the trackpad and the keyboard.
    I originally thought of using some PVC-based DIY 2 bucks solution but I just lost interest.

    I need to control the mac from far so I either take the trackpad with me, or I use a piece of wood to put both things. I never mis-clicked something or had things fall on me, but maybe that's because I'm too careful.
    The problem is always the chair. The executive-type I had before wouldn't let me just put across the wood so it could sit on my legs. The chair I have now, that is more "ergonomic" still lets me do it but with a bit of discomfort.

    Of course this is just me and if you were to use something on a couch, that would be different.

    So yeah anyway, if you ever find something, lemme know!! :D

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