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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by nisca11, Jun 16, 2008.

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    Hello everyone, these forums are very helpful and I am in need for a good laptop case for my new MacBook Pro. So I come to you to help me.

    Most of the reviews and ideas I have seen online have been posted before 2006 or something like that level of age. I am in need of peoples best ideas for protecting my Mac. $2000+ is a little much to trust any old bag.

    Can people here give me some idea of what they like and use? What they have used in the past and had problems with? Or just what they have seen that looks the best for both protection and also carrying capacity.

    I am not a student so I don't have to carry books around, but I do carry files and such for work. Nothing really drastic, just papers and the usual electronics(ipod, phone, etc). I travel by plane alot and usually my only carryon is my laptop bag, so something that can hold what I need is esssential. My only concern is with weight, some of the bags I have been looking at are 4-5 pounds by themselves, so I am look at 10 pounds before I even put in the charger and other essentials that travel around with me. Is there a good case that has good protection but is lighter? Or am I stuck with a heavy case if I want heavy protection?

    I have been really looking at the Booqbags Folee M or Boa M. As well as the Tom Bihn ID with brain case. I know they are $200 or so, but spending $2000 on a computer requires some investment in protection in my opinion. While I can spend 200, I don't have to if I find something along the same lines of protection and build quality.

    Well thank you in advance and any help would be appreciated. Have a great day.

    And one other thing to those that have them. I sometimes travel with a Dell 1525 with me. Can a dell 1525 travel with my MBP in the same bag(not same protective slot) if I choose the Booqbags or Tom Bihn I mentioned? I usually am travelling one way with the laptops( as I get to be delivery boy from corporate to satellite offices of new computers sometimes). Thanks again.
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    I have an axio like this one and I'm very happy with it.
    Very good protection by the shell. Not very heavy and it carries very comfortable.

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    Sep 27, 2007
    The Oakley S.I. Bag. This is the same bag that Michael C. Hall uses in the show Dexter.


    Unfortunately this bag was discontinued some time ago. I found mine on ebay (I have the khaki one).

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