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Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by SFC Archer, Feb 14, 2009.

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    There are a few random threads that talk about radio apps but not one that specifically discuss's favorites or the most popular. The important key word in this thread is Live Streaming Radio.

    I have tried many different apps to include: Pocket Tunes, WunderRadio, iheartradio, Fstream, CastCatcher Radio, Flycast and Slacker Radio.

    Pandora stands alone and will always be on my iPhone so is in an entirely different category.

    Not one of the above mentioned apps could pull in my favorite radio station.
    Pocket Tunes...Open screen Groups is just not user friendly and is ugly to boot. It does not find any traditional radio stations and is just another playlist player.

    WunderRadio...used to be wunderful until Clear Channel pulled its selfish act and pulled all of its channels away. It does list a few of my local channels still but most will not connect due to CC's actions. Even when it was great it did not have my favorite station.

    iheartradio...clear channels app is worthless. It has a few stations and you are unable to search for anything with in your area. They have become selfish and will not respond to customer emails. I have deleted this app permanently out of protest for the way they treat customers and what they have done to other radio apps.

    Fstream seems to be a good app and pulls in a heck of a lot of radio stations and in wmv formats that others do not have. It did not find my favorite radio station otherwise I would probable use it now that wunderradio is ruined. This would be my second Live Streaming Radio App choice.

    The other 3 in my list are again playlist stations and do not pull in radio stations to any extent. I use Pandora for this and always will so currently do not feel the need for non-traditional radio stations.

    The Live Streaming Radio App that has become my one and only traditional radio station app is oo Tunes Radio. It is $3.99 and I will tell you to not let the icon decieve you as it did me. The icon was the first thing that turned me off and then the price...I was WRONG on both accounts. This is the only app that pulls in my favorite wmv radio station and I feel like I have my old iPod radio accessory again. I can listen to my favorite morning show any place in the world that I want. Customer support is superb and Steve will respond to your emails in less then 15 min. He will check to see if your radio station is available and if not go get it for you if he can or tell you which app and URL to use so that you can use it. His customer support and the fact that he tried to help me use the URL on other apps without regard to his own, caused me to buy his app and I have no regrets. For those that like traditional live streaming radio, you can not loose with this app and live customer support. Steve cares about his customer's and his app. I highly recommend this app!!!

    I hope this thread can eventually help others. Please list what you have tried, why you do not use it anymore and what your favorite live streaming radio app is and why.

    Thanks for your time and good luck with your choice!
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    Mar 13, 2008
    Flycast is my favorite for two reasons. First, it's fine as a streamer. It's nicely categorized, there's a million stations, and even some video feeds I believe. Also, it has a simple builtin web browser which is great.
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    I like FStream. It has the ability to record the stream, transmit the files via the very interesting "web manager" to the Mac and it is free. I've written a German-language report on it, here is the Google translation.

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