Best Macbook Pro insurance?

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    Just got a new Macbook and would like to protect myself against theft and accidental damage etc what is the best insurance for Macbooks? Also might be getting through our company for our computer equipment so any corporate insurance policies for electronics are welcome too!

    Thanks for any tips!
  2. Bart Kela, Dec 5, 2017
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    Bart Kela

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    Read the coverage section of your renter/condo/homeowners insurance policy and that of your company's insurance policy. Examine these very carefully for coverage on theft and accidental damage.

    In many cases, adding a computer-only insurance policy for a computer is simply an additional unwarranted expense because of overlapping coverage.

    You will have to look at the deductible amount and assess the risk in having your device stolen or damaged.

    If it is a company issued device and your employer explicitly allows you to take the device off premise, most likely it will be covered by the company's policy, wouldn't be affected by your personal coverage. Any theft would be filed against your company's policy, not yours. For further information, please consult with your IT department.
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    Covered first 90 days by CC usually. Are claims against home owner or corporate insurance less the deductible worth it as they could affect your rates and relationship with your insurers down the road?

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