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    in 2015 what is the best email service?

    Actually i'm using Yahoo Mail ( for precision)... i use it because i think that is very good to be free and not "chained" to a single ecosystem (like gmail=use android and google sercide...icloud mail=apple and

    I have tried to use some time Gmail, but i don't like the webmail... and now i',m testing Outlook, but here i can't find a good username.

    What do you suggest?
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    First off, I apologize for not answering your question directly, but I do want to give you another option:

    I like using my own e-mail server. Yosemite Server makes it tolerable, but it kind of doesn't make it free, as you have to pay for the domain name and redirection, especially if you're setting it up from your home.

    The nice thing is you're less likely to have yahoo read your e-mail. (Free isn't free)

    I'm running MS Exchange Server, and have Macs running the native mail app, Outlook, and iPhones using Mail for the information. Mail Server is easy enough to set up on an iMac, but if you're running a Macbook that isn't permanently attached to the Internet, then that can be a problem. Plus, I have PCs on VMWare, so that is why I went with Exchange.
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    I prefer and use OutLook express than rest.It scans all incoming and outgoing mails.Moreover, there will be no ads in the inbox, which looks neat and clean
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    I use Outlook because they support Exchange, so it works great with iOS, plus I'm not tied down to one platform should I ever switch.
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    I use iCloud for personal and my school's gmail .edu address for business.

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