Best MBP to Ethernet Option?


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Apr 22, 2018
Hi guys! My question is two part (sort of).

I have this usb hub:

I have it powered and plugged into my MBP. For the most part, it works fine. However, I've noticed that with my Logitech G602 mouse or Logitech K750 keyboard it's laggy when I plug the adapters into the hub usb ports vs. going directing into one of the usb ports on my MBP. The REALLY sucky part is that the mouse has it's own usb adapter and doesn't use the unifying technology so I'm forced to use BOTH.

My second question (and the one related to my topic) is that I'm looking to add a ethernet port to my MBP. I'm thinking usb to ethernet but that again would mean plugging it into my hub or somehow directly into my computer (which is difficult because I only have two usb ports to begin with).

So, any suggestions or thoughts on why my usb hub is doing that?
Should I go thunderbolt to ethernet instead?
(I was preferring usb to ethernet since I could use with a pc if needed)

And lastly, is there a particular ethernet adapter that you'd recommend? If not I can just decipher that on my on with reviews and such.

P.S. MBP stats in Signature


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Mar 10, 2016
I picked up a USB3/GigE adaptor from Best Buy - Insignia NS-PU98635 and it works great. I tried the USB2 version and it didn’t work. I gave their tech support people the courtesy of a call but they were completely inept. Shockingly so. I suspect faulty hardware but was never able to confirm. USB3 version worked great though. I usually use wifi but sometimes it’s worth plugging in.
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