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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by ToddSki, Nov 29, 2012.

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    I need some assistance-please! I am not a super techy. I am looking for something to store and stream my music through iTunes and photos and possibly videos to my various Apple products (i.e. MBA, iPad3, iPhone5), access through the cloud (with hopefully their own cloud interface), serve as a backup for my MBA and possibly ability to stream to my TV through my Roku XS. In a perfect world, I would like an NAS, but am leery of the issues arising from their lack of compatibility/ease of use with Apple products.

    I purchased the Iomega StoreCenter ix2 with two-1TB drives setup using RAID1. I used their copying (jcopy) to copy all of the files off of my old Seagate Free Agent to it. My MBA could not read it. I read their user forum, noted a lot of similar issues, tried all of the fixes, read and re-read all manuals and support, called their customer support 3 times and was never able to get any use from the system. I had to return it.

    I have read all of the posts regarding Synology and QNAP, but these seem quite complicated and expensive. Does anyone have a suggestion for a relative neophyte like me in the $200-$300 range including drives?

    Please and Thanks,

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