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Mar 30, 2011
Hi - I have searched but not found exactly the same question/answer:

I need to upgrade to both iCloud and Lion and am unsure about the best way to approach.

I currently have a 2007 MBP on snow leopard - synced address / diary to 2 iphones and an ipad via mobile me (all with latest IOS using the same mobile me account).
I also have phone/pad syncing of omnifocus + phone/pad/MBP syncing of PocketMoney.
I will buy a new MBP as soon as released and want to port everything over to the new laptop.
The MBP is backed up with timemachine to both a time capsule and another external HDD

Am I best to
a) move the iToys to Cloud, then migrate the snow Leopard MBP to the new one running Lion?
b) Try to upgrade the MBP to Lion before migrating it to the new machine
c) move the iToys to Cloud now and accept that the MBP will be no longer in sync since you can't use cloud on SL?
d) some other order of approach?

I would prefer not to fork out for Lion on the basis that I will get a free version with the new machine - but I guess £30 is not a real problem in context of the new machine I am buying.

Any pitfalls of which to be aware?

I guess some is dependent on whether new machines are on he shelves before 30 June Mobile me drop dead date?

Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide


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Jan 23, 2005
I went through the MM to iCloud migrate.

If I were you I would wait until you get your new machine, and use the Migration Assistant app to move everything as is to the new machine. Then after that is up and running do the move to iCloud on the new Macbook and iOS devices all at the same time.

We will know about new machines on June 11 I suspect either way, so that still gives you a cushion between then and the MM deadline of June 30.

Before you move to iCloud make sure you export your address book in VCF format and save that VCF file. If your address book gets jacked up in the migration, the VCF import is the only way to get it back with iCloud.

Just start Address Book and do a command-a to select all then go the File menu and Export/Export VCard.

Do the same export with iCal if you are using that. Use the plain Export option, not the iCal Archive option.

Might want to export your bookmarks from Safari also.
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