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    Any suggestions on the best modem to purchase that also has a VOIP connection? We're having some problems with the modem Comcast provides and want to look into purchasing our own. I have an Arris Surfboard which runs great, but it doesn't have VOIP.

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    May 9, 2012
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    The particular one I linked to is ADSL / VDSL. There are cable models too. But you would need to check it would work in America.
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    Anyone know if Fritz Box will work on Xfinity?
  5. satcomer, Jan 22, 2016
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    You really need to investigate your own cable bill! Stop paying Comcast for modem you can buy on their own Comcast compatible modems. This way you can upgrade on your schedule and not pay Comcast monthly rental fees!!!

    Plus you can get cheap/better VOIP services. You can decide what VOIP service you need at the article Top Ten VOIP Reviews. You only know what you need. Just make sure your third party party VOIP service supports 911!
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    Right. I have Comcast and my own "Blast" compatible modem with a VOIP device from Phone service is $149 for two years (introductory rate) with a lot of nice features. My first two years ended last year and I requested another two years at the introductory rate and they gave it to me.
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    Good to know guys, thanks. I personally have a Arris Surfboard modem solely for internet access w/ no phone. I'm more asking on behalf of my parents who still feel the need to have a dedicated house phone yet want a modem capable of handling their fast speeds they pay for. I'll definitely look into some of those VOIPs! Thanks again
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    I am all for buying your own modem, but EMTA' (modems for with phone) are $200 and up. It would take almost 2 years for it to pay for itself. After a year the EMTA doesn't have a warranty anymore, so if it breaks, you're out $200. Regular modems that are $60-100, that's fine (for Internet only), these I would still rent to be honest.

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