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May 31, 2014
I would appreciate some recommendations on a wired mouse and mousepad combination that is comfortable for people with large hands. Currently using a Logitech M100 mouse that's on the small side with a mousepad that has an integrated wrist rest. This combination feels kind of awkward on my hands. Should I switch to a mousepad with no wrist rest and what should I look for in a mouse?


macrumors Penryn
Feb 20, 2009
I'd suggest one of the Logitech "MX" series mice.

They are physically "larger". Should fit a "big hand" very well.

However, they are all wireless mice that use a receiver that plugs into a USB port.
Generally, not a problem...


macrumors demi-god
Apr 27, 2011
I have very large palms and always liked a large mouse. Before switching to the Mac I used a Microsoft mouse that was huge. Mint worked well. After getting used to the Magic Mouse I found it was more comfortable but I hold snd use it very differently than traditional mice.
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