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Sep 17, 2006
Hi, Ive recently taken the plunge and switched to Macs and loving every second of it. I still need to use MSN Messenger quite a bit, I have version 6.0 for Mac and its ok, but it misses two features i really need, tabbed contacts so i can be logged onto more than one account at once and it must talk to my built in isight so i can actually use it. Ive tried using Mercury and it does both of those but it just too ugly and clunky to use, and aMSN just wont let me log in for some reason. Any other suggestions? Anybody used Adium? thanks


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Apr 19, 2006
Newcastle, Australia
Ive used pretty much all of them

Adium is the prettiest but doesnt support personal messages like in addition to your sign on name, and it doesnt work properly behind my http proxy

aMSN works great, all features including file transfer, behind my proxy and personal messages, it doesnt look brilliant, but if you download a nightly build it is getting better, for my mind the next release build of this is going to be killer.

Hope that helps

Sorry, missed you aMSN login problems - try downloading the latest build from
and instructions on how to implement it -


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Jun 25, 2002
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I'm pretty happy with Mercury Messenger but I switch skins periodically. It seems to implement most everything that the most recent MSN Messenger did and the developer is continuing to enhance it.

The ability to configure it and the ability to work in Asian languages makes it much more useful to me.
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