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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by philstone, Jan 25, 2012.

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    Can I have some recommendations please for a small business size colour network laser printer, preferably with duplexing..

    Currently using a Xerox WorkCentre 6505 which is useless - constantly pausing on the Mac's (have already tried multiple different methods - Sharing through server,sharing through windows PC, led etc)

    Thinking about an HP but would like some recommendations from people who are using them..

  2. santelia, Jan 27, 2012
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    It appears that many yet excellent printers still don't have complete compatibility with Lion. That's true for some of the best Xerox, HP and even newest Epson (inkjet) printers. The problem is how Lion rewrote too many os functions deeply in its code. And it really doesn't appear to be the most efficient upgrade of OS X history...!
    If I was you, I wouldn't trash the great 6505, and would expect some fix (from Apple or from Xerox) to come out in a short time. Or downgrade to Snow Leopard, that's compatible with all the universe (not to say about Rosetta, that sadly has been abandoned on Lion).
    On Snow Leopard, the 6505 runs very smoothly. Speed, quality (Pantone colour matching, a value for itself), and strong build. If you need a network scanner, indeed, go for an Epson. I mean for bare office purposes. For sophisticated image scanning, forget low cost input devices. Go to Hasselblad.
    Maybe you can put aside a lower cost surprising inkjet/scanner (fax etc), and in such a case I would recommend the WP-4545 DTWF from Epson, very low running costs, minimal (very very minimal) electric consuption, great printing resolution, excellent versatility, take a look at the online vendor catalog page.
    Just about the 6505, how many printed pages do you get before changing toners?

    P.S. eh eh ... i drive a 330xd... How about your double turbo? Great enough?
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    Two things:
    • The great rewrite of the MacOS X print engine was for Snow Leopard. For the vast majority of printers, Lion uses the Snow Leopard print driver without issue. I own two Xerox printers--a Phaser 8400 DP and a Phaser 8550 DN. I have no issue printing to either printer from Lion--either wired or wirelessly. I understand that there are issues with some printers. However, those are probably the small issues that sometimes appear with OS upgrades. They may appear to be major if you can't print or if certain features on your printer don't work. That does not mean that they are major issues in fact.
    • MacOS X is an object-oriented OS. If the OS rewrite is does not affect the print engine directly, then it will affect it indirectly. In the case of Lion, AppleTalk is no longer available. However, Xerox has supported Bonjour for the better part of a decade. It also supports LPR and other Lion-compatible network printer protocols. Another technology that is not available in Lion is Rosetta. However, I am aware of no print driver that requires PPC code to operate.
    It might be useful if the OP redoes his Xerox printer page setup with a Lion-compatible network protocol.

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