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Mar 15, 2006
I've been looking around for the best, most minimal solution for using an iPAD as the car stereo..not finding anything that tickles my fancy.

Any recommendations?

I don't want crappy dash mounts or wires everywhere - I like the solutions that replace your stereo or mount directly INTO your dash, super clean and minimal.

I liked this Scosch iPAD Dash Kit but I guess it never got made do to legal reasons..Either way I would much rather prefer a 100% mounted solution, directly in the dash like pictured below.

Something like that, thats an all in one solution or directly mounted like this is what I'm after:


See here too for another example.
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Mar 26, 2012
Lakeland Fl
Someone did it with a Scion TC and a Nook color. It worked good and looked clean. But I would do 2 things:

1: Make it removable, otherwise it's a thief magnet
2: Use a Bluetooth enabled head unit it on the car as opposed to a specialized dock. Some head units come enabled with bluetooth support already so you can use it to output sound, and if something ever happens to the iPad you still have a stereo.


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Mar 15, 2006
For sure. But where can I get the proper mounts to have it install properly? I can't find anything like what is picture above, only arm mounts that look like crap IMO.


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May 31, 2012
All of those integrated systems are custom made enclosures, i.e. lots of fiberglass and filler to smooth it out, then painted or covered. There are no (to my knowledge) "kits", it's all custom.

I'm getting ready to do one in my 07 Dodge Ram 3500; I'll have it motorized so it's removable, and will likely tie it in with the factory headunit somehow. Basically a giant iPod:cool:


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Jul 2, 2013
This looks kind of like an old post, but I wanted to share my project! I'm trying to develope and open source vehicle control system platform for total vehicle control from an iOS or Droid device.

In order to make it open source I need crowd funding! Please check us out at

I appreciate any likes or comments we can get, if you can contribute that would be awesome too!


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Dec 29, 2006
Monterey CA
I would suggest a top of the line rigid mount and forget the built-in idea unless you have either a whole lot of skill or more money than this would be worth to hide a couple of wires.

You might check out the in-dash replacement units available from places like Crutchfield. You would get a very good stereo and GPS and some of them work very will with iPhones, will show the art, etc.
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