Best night tonight


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Apr 17, 2004
Ok, so I thought I'd tell you guys how my night went tonight. I got my laundry done at about 9:30PM, and was planning to attend school activities at 10:00PM cause they were having an all nighter. So I get there and people are playing basketball, racketball, etc. Just hanging out. So I step outside to see if my friend had shown up yet (we planned to just hang out together). She is outside talking to this guy that's in the GSA (he's str8, but omg he's an awesome guy). Next thing we know, slews of people start leaving and a few of our other friends come up and tell us that since there is no "adult supervision" they are cancelling the All Nighter - mind you its Friday 10:00, people are wound up, and get this... I'M IN COLLEGE, WE ARE ALL COLLEGE STUDENTS, WTF WHY DO WE NEED PARENTAL SUPERVISION!!! Ok, so we figure that's lame, and the one guy in the GSA recommends we get pizza and find a place to hook up a DVD player and watch DVDs.

A few people go to check the student center which normally isn't locked, but for the past two weeks on the weekends, they've locked it. Those sons of bitches, oh well. So we figure, now what. We start talking again and think of a couple of places and that, so we make a couple of calls and nothing. Finally, we find a place, so we'll have to climb a few things, and hopefully we're not afraid of heights (I am majorly). Before we go there though, we walk up town and get the Pizza that we ordered, and go to Smith's to get some drinks. We leave and walk back towards the college to get the vehicle to take us to the place where we're going to watch movies.

So someone goes ahead on their skates and gets the vehicle, we all jump in (there're 5 of us all together) and drive towards the place. When we get there, we all tip-toe out back and go into the garage to jump up in a loft to watch movies. Well I'm freaked out about heights, and so is everyone else, except two others. Next we decide to watch movies outside, so we do. We get two (yes only 2) sleeping bags and lay them on the ground and start chowing down and drinking (I had COLD coffee, others had soda). The movie gets going and about 20 min. through it, we all are shivering, so the two guys go and get coats and give them to the two girls. (which was nice of them). So about an hour later, I decide to lay on the grass and get under the sleeping bag and do so. All in all, it was a great night. I just got back about 10 min. ago and its 3:06AM.

I think I better get a little sleep. Gnight all.

Best night ever!


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Jul 4, 2005
Abstract said:
I only had sex last night. :(
I popped a rib back into place and tore a muscle doing so - the "crack!" it made woke me up!

Now I'm in a hell of a lot of pain (hurts even to breathe) and doped up on good ol' codeine. Still sore though, like someone's twisting a knife in my side everytime I move.

Sex would've been sweet.


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Mar 2, 2005
After I left from my best friends party, her parents got home and she got caught with all these people drinking Smirnoffs, beer, and tequila, and then my other best friend who left earlier ended up puking in front of her mom and now she's probably grounded forever. Besides that I had the time of my life:D. (true story though)


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Sep 6, 2005
iSaint said:
He may not be a liar.

If he's under 30, and doesn't have any kids, he may very well be having sex.

It's good to know some guys even have a chance anymore.

lol, I was kidding.

But people over 30 can have sex too, you know...