Best Non-Apple Display Option for the RMBP?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by mroben, Jun 18, 2012.

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    Hi everyone. I would appreciate any input on this topic. I just got the new RMBP and am looking for a good display to use for it when it's at my desk. I'd love to get the 27" Thunderbolt display from Apple, but I can't really drop another $1000 right now (I mean, I just bought the new RMBP, right?), so I'm looking for more inexpensive alternatives.

    I'll mainly be using it at my desk for video editing and motion graphics work. My idea is that I can use the RMBP's display for the video and graphics windows in various applications and then use the other monitor for timelines, layers and whatever other windows don't need to be super color-accurate. I'd like to get a 23" or 24". Anything bigger than that would need to be a higher resolution than 1920x1080, IMO, and higher resolutions than that are out of my price range. The last requirement on my part is that it has VESA connectors in the back because I'm planning on getting one of these for it:

    A couple points I'm not really sure about: Can I connect a monitor to my RMBP via the HDMI port and use it for dual display (not mirroring)? Also, what is the difference between Thunderbolt and Minidisplay port? Are they the same thing with two different names or are they truly different?

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    Dell is probably one of the best alternatives.
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    I would still suggest an Apple Cinema Display (ACD) or Apple Thunderbolt display (TBD). They sell the thunderbolt ones for $849 on the refurbished website and I got one and they look like new.

    Mini Displayport is the previous display connector that Apple used. They now use the thunderbolt port to connect to displays. If you have a recent MacBook 2011-Present, they have thunderbolt and will work with both ACD and TBD. If you have one previous to 2011 with just the mini display port, it will work only with ACD's.

    24" ACD, selling for around $480-550:

    Thunderbolt 27" selling for $700-$800 on eBay.

    Aside from Apple, I suggest Dell as well. And you should be able to use dual display using HDMI.

    Dell 24":

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