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Best note taking app?


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May 22, 2010
There are thousand of note taking app in app store. I wonder which one is the best as my college start tomorrow, so I will be taking notes a lot digitally.

I want a note taking app that have iCloud or anything similar that sync all across my iOS device and my RMBP. Anyone suggestion guys?


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Jul 13, 2008
If you have a GTR you can HIRE someone to take notes for you...and why are you even bothering with college :D ?? Just kidding. But I am jealous.

It is a bit overwhelming. But Microsoft Word actually has a decent notetaking mode built in. And it can record audio as well, and that is a super-great feature to have in ANY notetaking application. Look for ones that will sync what you write with the audio. That way instead of writing down some prof's 10 minute description of the Treaty of Utrecht you can just write "Treaty of Utrecht" and then when you click on it later, boom: there's the audio for you to listen to.

Not all of these applications use iCloud, but using Dropbox or similar services is actually more versatile. Besides, iCloud might end up disappearing just like MobileMe.

And Evernote is great. And if you do audio in Evernote, there are add-ons that will transcribe it.

I'd secon Circus Ponies Notebook as well. It has the added value of being a great research tool for putting together papers, so it's much more than just a take-notes-in-class application. I use it for legal briefs.

Carl Sagan

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May 31, 2011
The Universe
Depends on your needs. If you want straight forward and simple the Notes app is fantastic but if you need more functionality then Evernote is the best in that space.
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